Earthenware Poule Pondeuse Chicken terrine

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Orange Poule Pondeuse Chicken terrine
Orange Poule Pondeuse Chicken terrine
White Poule Pondeuse Chicken terrine
White Poule Pondeuse Chicken terrine
Black Poule Pondeuse Chicken terrine

The charming Poule Pondeuse Chicken terrine lidded dish is made from earthenware, delicately stamped and assembled by hand, then glazed to obtain an impeccable finish.

Thanks to the bestiary that was created by master ceramicist Léon Pouplard between 1890 and 1952, we have inherited a collection of exclusive sculptures of birds from the Loire region. Available in two sizes and options of plain white glaze or entirely hand painted in orange or black versions.

  • Handmade in Malicorne sur Sarthe, France
  • Uniquely handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using Bourg-Joly’s centuries-old techniques.
  • Quality product. The handmade nature means that each one of our birds is unique.
  • Dimensions: 9142 : H15cm x L20cm x W15cm / 9143 : H18cm x L21cm x W15cm
      • Material: Earthenware Clay and food safe white or coloured glaze
      • Dishwasher: Yes, with care (see below)
      • Microwave: No
      • Delivery: France and International shipping
      • Packaged in a beautiful velvet drawstring bag
      Earthenware plates, dishes & bowls: Clean by hand and gently wipe with a cloth. In the dishwasher, avoid hot programs and ensure that the plates do not touch each other.

      For earthenware baskets: wash by hand and gently wipe with a cloth.

      For earthenware vases, planters, fruit, animals, crosses, statues: wash by hand and gently wipe with a cloth.

      All our pieces are entirely handmade and therefore the dimensions shown can vary very slightly.

      Hand painted personalisation option
      A hand painted message of up to 5 words (thank you, important date, name of a person, etc.) in black can be added to most pieces. Please contact us for more details.