Bespoke - The Art of personalisation 

Bourg-Joly Malicorne Bespoke work

Bourg-Joly Malicorne is proud to offer a fully bespoke service.

We create tableware and decorative ceramics to your exact specifications.

We have a long and distinguished history of creating bespoke commissions, from our first clients – the aristocratic owners of the chateaux in the area surrounding Malicorne.

We continue this tradition today, taking inspiration from our extensive archives that date back to 1747 or working closely with clients to develop bespoke designs that will complement a particular environment or event.

We work extensively with event and wedding designers and luxury interior design consultants who specialise in private residences for high-net-worth individuals.

Our skilled artisans work exclusively in our atelier in Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, ready to add a personal touch to your bespoke orders.

Make it personal

Designed by you, crafted by us. Ideal for those who are looking for a unique and personal gift, we offer a special commission service. From commemorative business items to pieces that record family events - births, first communions, wedding gifts, personalised wedding dinner services, birthdays or anniversaries, our personalisation service allows you to design your own piece, down to the finest detail.

A family crest, monogram, business or club logo, a personal message or design can be transformed into a one-off piece or small series to make unique tableware or giftware. Explore our myriad of personalisation options and start creating.

Hand painting

Find Your Style

Once you’ve found your perfect piece, visit our Decoration Library and start exploring our myriad of personalisation options. Whether you’re drawn to a traditional motif in polychrome, a more modern monochrome interpretation of a motif or love the simplicity of initials or a monogram hand painted exclusively for you, take this as an opportunity to express yourself.

We can guide you through the choice of central motif, filets and other decoration around the edge of a piece, the choice of glaze and colours, with or without gilding.

Bespoke custom hand painting

Down to the details

Once you’ve chosen the look, style and positioning of your design, our artisans create a ‘poncif’ or stencil of the design. The ‘poncif’ or stencil is placed on the piece and with a careful dusting of charcoal powder, the design is to transferred onto the raw enamel, allowing our painters to recreate the motif with precision. The painter can then paint directly onto the raw glaze which absorbs the paint into its surface. Once the hand painted design has been completed and left to dry, the piece is fired in the kiln at 960ºc to give it the flawless finish for which we are known.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a bespoke project and request a quotation, please contact us here.